Join us for mommy time on Oct. 10 from 11:30-5 p.m. Find the best fitness regimen that fits your goals and lifestyle. We’ve conveniently pulled together some great exercise options and health experts to bring you the very best all in one spot!

Take a look at the schedule below then check out the in-depth info on each studio and workshop coming to the event!


sunnyvale yogaYoga can solve just about any problem, from shedding those extra pounds to healing emotional distress, from overcoming sleep disorders to reducing chronic pain. Find your best self, physically, mentally and emotionally, both on and off the mat via the SmartyPants Vitamins’  (the all in one good gummy for adults and kids) main event sponsored session with Keegan Mills.



Join Suzanne Koval (Physical Therapist, STOTT Pilates, Prenatal/Postpartum care, Orthopedics, and BaoBei Active Wear) in the SF Bay area for a mini Pilates session. She has been leading Moms through safe and effective prenatal & postnatal programs for 15 years. Suzanne has a passion for helping women rebuild their bodies after baby. This postnatal Pilates mini class will show you techniques to help lose the Mummy Tummy, help correct your posture and begin toning key muscle groups.  Suzanne will help you on your way to restore your core!  Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Appropriate for all levels.  Class is geared towards postpartum women from 6 weeks+ postpartum.

Motherhood is a daily endurance grind which often finds you last in line to be taken care of. Bay Area Fitness and Nutrition‘s “Ironmom” is a realistic approach to fitness specifically designed to solve that through the use of body weight and exercise bands.  This workout will help you reclaim time for yourself and reignite your batteries so you can better meet the demands of the most grueling sport in the world, motherhood.

Appropriate for all levels. 

DaniellaDaniella Dayoub is certified through the National Association for Sports Medicine with specialties in Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement. She’s also received certifications through American Council on Exercise, YogaFit, TRX, Lagree Fitness, and the National Institute of Whole Health during her 11 years in the health and fitness field. Daniella seeks to empower clients to find their own path to wellness by teaching individuals how to tap into the tools they need, and how to include both fitness and nutrition in their lives. She attempts to debunk outdated nutritional and fitness beliefs to help clients learn what works for them!

Learn about nutritional advice that you can apply to your own life through Daniella’s nutritional workshop.

IMG_8734Tanya Goodrich, PT, DPT is Owner and Founder of Healthy Pelvis Physical Therapy, a women’s health physical therapy clinic specializing in prenatal and postpartum care, urinary/bowel/sexual dysfunction and pelvic health. Tanya also has the privilege to work with NEURO Tour Physical Therapy, Inc. as a physical therapist for Broadway shows when touring in San Francisco. With a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of California, San Francisco, and extensive clinical experience, she is committed to providing the highest quality of care and raising awareness about women’s health issues.

Did you know that all women in France receive post-partum physical therapy for vaginal or caesarean births? Women’s health physical therapy should be the standard of care for all women. Come learn about possible post-partum conditions that are common but not normal (even years after delivery). Tanya  will share helpful & functional information on things like how to correctly lift a car seat and how not to leak with sneezing!

crossfit_julesCertified through Yoga Alliance, Julie Bautista has an eclectic approach to fitness that addresses the ever-changing needs of a woman’s body. She provides relief to a variety of communities, including, pre & post natal mothers, chronic pain patients, and athletes. Her experience has culminated in a unique method of physical maintenance that combines CrossFit Mobility and traditional yoga.

Join us to learn how to resolve pain, cultivate more energy, and empower your daily life. We will be ironing muscles and smashing out tension using Mobility tools and breath.

Mobility utilizes lacrosse balls, voodoo bands, and foam rollers to resolve pain, prevent injury, and enhance physical performance.

Julie, is a representative of CrossFit Norcal.

bombayjam_neelu Join master instructor and mom, Neelu Virmani for an energizing sample workout. Powered by the explosively fun, globally appealing Bollywood culture, Bombay Jam® is the ultimate dance fitness total body workout that is effective, safe, easy to follow and packed with authentic Bollywood flavor!

Bombay Jam® incorporates cardio and toning routines into one action-packed total body workout, and routines are set to custom music mixes created by Bombay’s hottest DJs. The music mixes are refreshing, energizing and universally appealing and the cardio routines incorporate basic, easy to follow dance fitness moves full of Bollywood flair. The toning segment focuses on sculpting long, lean muscles. In just an hour-long class, you can burn up to a whopping 800 calories!

noraallenWe all have the power to change our lives, and Alkalign provides the tools that make it happen. Alkalign is built on the steadfast belief that balance is the foundation for life. Balance is both dynamic and personal. It’s what keeps us grounded and what challenges us to push our limits. Whether you’re so far from center that life has become unbalanced, or you just need to take small steps to meet your next goal; Alkalign can help you recalibrate from the inside out.

Founder Erin Paruszewski is a balance evangelist. For more than 15 years she has been evening her own practice alongside her students. Alkalign’s promise is to provide safe and effective workouts, to focus on individuals’ needs in a supportive community and to help people find a dynamic relationship between strengthen the mind, aligning the body and nourishing the soul.

Barre Align is our signature 60-minuet barre class offering the safest and most effective techniques know to man, and – of course – woman. Tighten, tone, and improve balance and flexibility, it’s all body for everyone.

Raffle Prizes:

  • One free month of Baby Boot Camp membership and an equipment kit
  • $25 Sports Basement Gift Card
  • $50 Sports Basement Gift Card
  • Diva Cup with Diva Wash



Main Event Sponsor:

smartypantslogoSmarty Pants Vitamins is the non-GMO, preservative-free, dye-free, all-in-one vitamin gummy goodness for parents and kids alike! For every bottle purchased they give to kids in need via Vitamin Angels, and have partnered with Charity Water and Turn the Tide (to combat obesity and chronic illnesses). Check out their latest vitamins in your goody bag or stop by their table to sample a few!

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