Join us for mommy time!  Find the best fitness regimen that fits your goals and lifestyle.  We’ve conveniently pulled together some great exercise options and health experts to bring you the very best all in one spot!

Take a look at the schedule for our SF event on Sept. 27 from 11:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., then check out more in-depth info on each studio and workshop below!



The Lotus Method Pre and Postnatal Specialists

Minimize and restore abdominal separation (diastasis Recti) during pregnancy and after through fitness!  Diastasis Recti is a common occurrence during pregnancy and postpartum that can minimize function of the core, cause back pain and incontinence and create a “pooch” postpartum that is often referred to as “mommy tummy”. Learn the optimal posture, muscle recruitment, and movement patterns to minimize and restore abdominal separation while getting an amazing workout! Lotus Method works solely with future, expecting and new mothers and are Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialists who are dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable on all things Pre/Postnatal; tailoring workouts specifically to the needs of each individual and striving to empower women to be beautiful, strong, and confident mothers!

bio_ubpilates2Allison Erickson (owner/lead instructor) is a classically trained Pilates instructor whose background is in Physical Therapy with an emphasis in Human Movement Studies. She has been involved in the study and practice of health and wellness for over 19 years with her primary focus on prenatal/postnatal, weight loss, injury prevention, rehabilitation, overall strength training and nutrition counseling with the ultimate goal of restoring complete balance to every client.
Urban Balance Pilates and Wellness
is a private/semi-private boutique Pilates studio where sessions are personalized for the individual client based on his/her wellness needs and goals.


bio_suzanneJoin Suzanne Koval (Physical Therapist, STOTT Pilates, Prenatal/Postpartum care, Orthopedics, and BaoBei Active Wear) in the SF Bay area for a mini Pilates session. She has been leading Moms through safe and effective prenatal & postnatal programs for 15 years. Suzanne has a passion for helping women rebuild their bodies after baby. This postnatal Pilates mini class will show you techniques to help lose the Mummy Tummy, help correct your posture and begin toning key muscle groups.  Suzanne will help you on your way to restore your core!  Bring a yoga mat and a water bottle.

Appropriate for all levels.  Class is geared towards postpartum women from 6 weeks+ postpartum.

bio_lizmiracleMiracle Physical Therapy specializes in physical therapy for pelvic floor health, pregnancy and post partum wellness, providing services ranging from prevention of perineal tearing with delivery to restoration of full physical health after delivery.

Pelvic health is a critical but often neglected aspect of women’s health.  “You and Your Yoni”class will provide a space for open, informal discussions on the pelvic floor and its role in childbirth. Bring your questions for this opportunity to learn how your body may be changing, what you can do to prepare for birth and ways to return to safe activity after birth. Led by Liz Miracle, MSPT, WCS, certified pelvic floor physical therapist, women’s health specialist, national physical therapist educator, associate clinical professor at UCSF School of Physical Therapy and consultant for kGoal the smart pelvic floor trainer.

bio_babybootcamp2Baby Boot Camp is an innovative stroller fitness program that helps moms regain or enhance pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical challenges of parenting by emphasizing strength training in a supportive environment.  Boot Camp’s most popular stroller fitness class, STROLLFIT, caters to all fitness levels: pregnant moms, new moms recovering from pregnancy and conditioned moms with one or two stroller-aged children. Cardio drills, strength training exercises and stretching increases overall fitness, and the ab assault at the end of class means you get a total body workout!

Kathleen Laipply joined Baby Boot Camp in May 2009 after the birth of her second child. She is a ACE certified group fitness instructor.

bio_nutritionLauren Rybicki is the Nutritionist and a certified Holistic Health Coach at BodyLove Nutrition. She focuses on making it easy for families to live healthy. She understands that health and nutrition is vitally important during pregnancy and throughout childhood, so she helps others establish a foundation early on to ensure a healthy future.

Learn tips to meal prep that can help even the busiest of moms plan for healthy family meals.

bio_planetgranite Planet Granite is one of the most comprehensive climbing yoga & fitness gyms in the SF Bay Area. The planet granite team will take you on an introductory course at their Presidio gym, a short walk from Sports Basement. Climbing takes an amazing level of physical and mental fitness. See if this workout is right for you!

*Only 10 slots available per session. Parking is $1.50/hr (share a parking pass!)

Woman sitting with praying hands, smiling. Smarty Pants logo on top of image.Yoga can solve just about any problem, from shedding those extra pounds to healing emotional distress, from overcoming sleep disorders to reducing chronic pain. Find your best self, physically, mentally and emotionally, both on and off the mat via the SmartyPants Vitamins’  (the all in one good gummy for adults and kids) main event sponsored session with Deidre Norman of Inversion Yoga.

Through breath and movement, Deidre helps her students explore within themselves and come to develop a deeper freedom. Deidre brings her intimate love of nature, yoga and healing – as well as her adventurous spirit – into every class.

noexcusemoms_bioNo Excuse Moms is a premier project funded under the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Fitness Without Borders. NEM is a group of moms focused on growing healthily, connecting our community, leading our youth and supporting each other.

Join fitness expert Di for ultimate mommy boot camps fitness sessions. Expect a workout session with sets of squats, lunges, burpees, push ups, planks, etc. This class is for all fitness levels so moderations will be made based on each individual’s level and if you’re working out with your child or baby.

bio_daileymethodThe search for the best barre fitness class is over. The Dailey Method is here to help you achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body through an evolving mix of fitness practices that samples the best benefits from multiple disciplines. At the cutting edge of fitness research, The Dailey Method combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates, and orthopedic exercise.

Kaitlyn has had a passion for movement and health since she can remember. She was a dancer and competitive cheerleader through college, until she suffered a back injury. After years of searching, she found healing through the Dailey Method. The focus on alignment, mind-body connection, and community kept her coming back. She is dedicated to helping others find health, healing, and gratitude for their bodies in an upbeat and supportive environment.

Raffle Prizes:

  • A 90 minute Nutrition Assessment ($150 value) with BodyLove Nutrition.
  • $25 Sports Basement Gift Card
  • Certificate for $80 with Urban Sitter
  • One private 50-minute Pilates equipment session and a 30-minute nutrition counseling session with Urban Balance Pilates ($220 value).
  • One free month membership to Baby Boot Camp Noe Valley/Crissy Field
  • $50 Credit to Fresh Baby Bites Service

Fit & Well Main Event Sponsors:


Urban Balance is a boutique Pilates studio located on a beautiful tree-lined street at Hyde and Union streets, in the heart of Russian Hill. Urban Balance focuses on prenatal/postnatal Pilates and fitness, injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, athletic training, weight loss and nutrition counseling. The studio offers both private and duet Pilates sessions and teaches to all levels.


smartypantslogoSmarty Pants Vitamins is the non-GMO, preservative-free, dye-free, all-in-one vitamin gummy goodness for parents and kids alike! For every bottle purchased they give to kids in need via Vitamin Angels, and have partnered with Charity Water and Turn the Tide (to combat obesity and chronic illnesses). Check out their latest vitamins in your goody bag or stop by their table to sample a few! Lotus Method creates individualized fitness programs specific to the needs of future, expecting and new mothers. Using an approach that is primarily body weight and cable based, The Lotus Method focuses on functional movements and postural alignment, diminishes pregnancy pains and discomfort, prepares women for the demands of labor and motherhood, and empowers them to be beautiful, strong and confident mothers.

Let dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable Pre/Postnatal exercise specialists help you through your journey into motherhood!



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